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Akron Children’s Hospital Hosts First Extra Life Event

On Saturday, May 19th, Akron Children’s Hospital had the pleasure of hosting our first Extra Life Akron Guild event. Extra Life is an organization dedicated to recruiting gamers around the world to help raise money for sick and injured kids. Local gamers came to show their support for Akron Children’s Hospital by raising money during an 8 hour gaming marathon. This year the Extra Life Akron Guild has raised $3,121 for the kids here at Akron Children’s Hospital. We asked Dave Paskiet, Vice President of the Extra Life Akron Guild, why he chose to be a part of Extra Life for the past ten years and he said, “I do it as a way to say thank you to Akron Children’s Hospital for saving my son, who had a serious heart defect when he was born.” The day was full of playing games and raising money for the kids. Thank you, Extra Life Akron Guild!


Photo booth fun with gamers and Vice President, Dave Paskiet

Not just video games! There was a wide variety of board games at the event.